Monday, 16 May 2011

Ink Cartridges Change

To many users, detecting the best time to change their ink cartridge is a daunting task. The cartridges go out of ink by surprise catching them unaware. However, there are ways into which you can predict when your ink cartridge requires change. This would help you prepare in advance on the purchase of a new cartridge, which is very important especially at this times when the costs of cartridges are high. The first sign you should look for is printing of lighter texts than normal. You will notice when you print a document the first print outs are darker and as you continue printing they become lighter. 

Alternatively, when you are printing graphics and images you will notice the entire image or some portions of the image are lighter than they should be. This indicates your ink cartridges are running low and they need immediate replacement. The second signs you should look for are the white streaks running through the printed text. This happens especially when the ink cartridges requires a replacement and not a refill. You will find the color on the text is darker just like normal printouts but there are white streak lines running across the printed texts.

Although, lighter texts and white streaks on your text are the main indicators of the ink cartridges requiring a replacement, they can also be caused by other contributing factors like clogged nozzles. Therefore, if the signs arise after purchasing a new cartridge it is important you investigate further to find other possible problem on your printer before replacing your cartridge again. The third sign is easier to tell and it is when your computer sends you a warning message telling you of low ink in the cartridge. It is important before you replace your ink cartridges to understand some computers will tell you to replace your cartridges when there is still enough ink to print a few more jobs. 

Therefore, before you replace your ink cartridges you should look for one of the two earlier signs to confirm the computers claim. It is however important not to over use the low ink cartridges and this is because they might damage other printer components like ink head and tubes. It is therefore important, to replace your cartridge or refilling it at the right moment to protect your printer from damage. Purchasing new cartridges is better however, if you decide to refill your ink cartridges there are factors you should pay more attention in order to ensure your cartridges works well. 

In refilling your ink cartridges, you must ensure the internal sponge is filled with ink and this is to ensure cartridges hold the correct ink volume. However, for amateurs it is hard to fill the sponge because of the air pockets present in the sponge. Some of the tricks, you can embrace in order to fill your ink cartridges sponge are to let the needle reach the lower parts and let the ink drop slowly and if possible with the use of gravity.

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